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3D Photo Browser for 3D Users is a browser for your 3D, photo and audio files
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3D Photo Browser is a full-featured professional tool that provides extensive optimizing and cataloging functionality aimed mainly – but not exclusively – at your three-dimensional images and textures. In fact, the program can also manage conventional 2D images, audio files, and videos.

This comprehensive application offers your three different versions, each with its own interface and its own specific functionality: 3D Photo Browser for 3D users, 3D Photo Browser for digital camera users, and 3D Photo Browser light, with basic 3D support. All three interfaces have, in fact, a very similar look and feel; it is the functionality that varies from version to version. However, it is the version devised for 3D users and graphic designers that makes this application stand out from other browsing and enhancing tools. It is also the most complete of the three versions, as all the functionality available in the 2D and light versions can also be found in the 3D users interface.

3D Photo Browser can be used either as a simple cataloging tool to organize your 3D, 2D, video, and audio files collections; or also as a professional optimization tool. As an image organizer, it offers you the possibility of creating your own albums, of editing the metadata information of your images, of printing your own catalogs, of importing and exporting information about your photographs, etc. When it comes to 3D images, however, 3D Photo Browser works mainly as an optimization tool. This tool is called Polygon Cruncher, and it is installed in your system together with 3D Photo Browser. In short, Polygon Cruncher is a high-quality 3D compression and optimization utility that can reduce the amount of polygons that form your 3D images without losing any of their quality. Besides, all metadata information about the texture or the vortex colors is faithfully replicated in the optimized image.

3D Photo Browser comes with a powerful batch utility that allows you to perform specific tasks on both 2D and 3D images. The batch processes available for digital photographs refer mainly to the numerous filters that can be applied using the program’s version for digital cameras, together with basic transformation tasks, such as rotation, cropping, resizing, etc. As for the 3D commands available, these will allow you to convert your 3D objects into patch or into polygonal objects, invert normals, merge caplanar faces and points, etc. All commands have their own parameters and settings, which you can tweak and change to fit your preferences. It may not be the main utility available in the program, but it certainly is one of the functionalities that make 3D Photo Browser shine.

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